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All unlocks are submitted to the carrier in accordance with their unlocking policies and are fully legal. We simply make use of our status as a technology recycler to get them done on a priority basis.

We cannot unlock devices which are blocked - i.e. reported as lost or stolen, or which have outstanding bills, for obvious reasons.

Please ensure your handset is not lost or stolen using a service such as checkmend before submitting with us as no refunds will be given in such instances.

The Safe Way to Unlock iPhone

There are several options at your disposal when you want to unlock iPhone models ranging from the very old iPhone 3 to the latest iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. The best option, surprisingly, is the easiest one, as you’ll soon see.

One of the first things to consider about unlocking any phone that’s on contract with a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile is what method you’re going to use. Unless you’re at least familiar with the many methods available today and in the past, you can’t make an informed decision. In fact, what looks like a good iPhone unlock technique might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Hardware unlocking of iPhones is a good example. It was quite popular back before iPhone 6 made its appearance, but it involved opening up the device and modifying its hardware to make it accept a different SIM. That’s no longer possible with newer iPhone models, but there are still vendors and phone repair shops that offer to do it for you. For a hefty fee, I might add.

The only problem is that your device is going to take a beating without any guarantee of getting an unlocked iPhone at the end of the process. And if you go to a shady shop, it’s very likely they’ll do something like putting in a so-called “clean” IMEI. We’re not legal advisors, but we urge you NOT to fall for this ploy. It’s far from being the best way to unlock an iPhone. At the very least, you will lose your warranty since the operation will likely be done by someone not authorized to do so.

The second method, called software unlocking, was also popular a few years ago. iOS was relatively immature and had several vulnerabilities, and hackers were able to write successful jailbreak programs to access root-level settings. Some of these tweaks allowed you to unlock the device from its carrier network, among other things.

If you know even a little about jailbreaks, you’ll know that they’re not necessarily considered illegal, but Apple will wash its hands off if you ask them to honor their warranty after bricking a new iPhone this way. Unless you have a way to restore your older iOS version, please do not attempt to use any jailbreak or similar program to unlock your iPhone.

Again, this is not the best way to unlock iPhone.

Legit Methods to Unlock iPhone

There are basically two options when you’re ready to try a legit way of unlocking your iPhone. The first one is to approach your carrier armed with bundles of purchase proofs, bill payment proofs and all the other paperwork necessary to get an iPhone unlock approved. Although there are oversight organizations like the CTIA that stipulate a two-day turnaround for such applications, that hardly ever happens.

Why are iPhone unlock requests often delayed by the carrier? The delays are certainly not deliberate, but the machinery at most large carriers is usually unwieldy and slow moving. With tens of millions of prepaid, postpaid and other customers, it’s easy to slip through the cracks of your carrier’s system.

We’ve all had that infuriating experience of trying to explain a problem multiple times to several different call center reps, but to no avail. While a significant number of unlocks are processed within a few days, the outliers often end up as negative comments on forums and such.

To fill this gap, there are services like We don’t make you want longer than is absolutely necessary, and the bulk of our 1-million-plus iPhone unlocks were done in less than 24 hours, hence our name. How are we able to expedite the process?

Very few companies in the world have the privileges required to effect a 24-hour SIM unlock on your iPhone. Apple, as well as the carriers in question, are very protective of their databases, and have put severe restrictions on who can and who cannot access them. Our relationships with the world’s top carriers and with Apple over the past ten years has put us in good standing with them. Using a combination of expertise and privileges, it makes for a quick and legitimate iPhone unlock that you can virtually track right through the process.

Do we guarantee to unlock your iPhone? Yes, as long as your device meets all the criteria required to do a legitimate iPhone unlock, we can unlock any iPhone model in under 24 hours. Even our most respected competitors can’t offer the kind of speed and convenience that does.

How Can I Track My iPhone Unlock Progress?

Our proprietary technology includes a tracking link that you will receive once you place your order. This industry-defining utility allows you to get inside view, as it were, of the unlock timeline. One of the reasons we developed this service is that even legitimate iPhone unlock service providers neglect to consider a very important factor - the customer’s impatience. Everybody wants instant gratification, so that’s what we offer: a quick, transparent and highly responsive service to unlock iPhone models from any year and any major carrier from around the world.

If you don’t see your carrier listed on our site, no problem. We’ll take the extra effort of communicating the request to your carrier and helping expedite the unlock process.

Eligibility for an iPhone Unlock

One of the things nearly every carrier around the world does is to try and lock you into a monthly voice and/or data plan in exchange for a device with a low or zero down payment. To ensure their ROI, carriers will lock the device using its IMEI, or the unique identifier that acts as your iPhone’s fingerprint. That means you can’t use your iPhone with a different SIM from the one your carrier provided. This is called a SIM lock, and it’s the reason why you’re here. You want to know if your iPhone can be unlocked from the carrier’s network so you can use a different SIM.

For that freedom, you are required to only bring eligible devices. Each carrier defines eligibility in their own way. For example, some carriers ask that you stay on the contract for at least 40 days before an unlock can be approved. Some have it as 60 days. Most of them will ask that your account be in good standing and that there are no unpaid dues or anything like that.

For your iPhone to be considered eligible for an unlock, all these criteria must be met. However, there’s no blanket requirement to make a phone eligible to be unlocked since every carrier follows its own unlocking policy.

We recommend using a decent service like checkmend to verify the status of your device before ordering an unlock from If the phone has been reported as stolen or lost, or has bills that are unpaid, or if it’s been blocked for some reason, we will not be able to initiate a refund when the device comes back as unlock failed.

How Does the iPhone Unlock Process Work?

You already know about the hoops you’ll be jumping through when you approach the carrier directly for an iPhone unlock. Our status as a technology recycler gives us the privilege of priority unlocking. That means it’s done much faster than otherwise. You won’t find any other service that can unlock an iPhone in under 24 hours.

We follow all the standard requirements set by the carrier, so your unlock is 100% official and legal. Once you order your unlock, we submit your IMEI to the carrier and request an unlock. The carrier will then fast-track the review process and generate an unlock code that you will receive via email. On iPhone 7 and higher, you won’t even need an unlocking code. An over-the-air update will change your SIM status to unlocked, after which you can insert any compatible SIM from nearly any carrier in the world.

The best part about doing it the right way is that your phone will never again go into locked status. You can upgrade your iOS as many times as you like or change SIMs as often as you want. Your iPhone will be unlocked for good. Not all unlocking service providers can offer this promise. We can, and we do.

Different Way to Unlock iPhone - Confusion Cleared

People are often confused about the different types of unlock for iPhone. The one that we unlock is the carrier lock or subsidy lock that a carrier applies to your device using the IMEI number. This only restricts your access to the carrier’s network, and is different from another type of unlocking that is largely considered illegal.

Passcode unlocking or Face ID unlocking are included in this type of illegal method to unlock an iPhone. That’s a different type of unlocking because it removes the access restriction applied by the user rather than the carrier. As such, it can be defined as a security breach that cracks open an iPhone and leaves its data exposed.

Be warned that this type of iPhone unlock may be considered illegal in most countries because stolen iPhones are often “processed” in this manner to allow the instrument to be used by a potential buyer. Doing a passcode unlock will not remove the SIM lock because those are two different things.

If you have genuinely forgotten your passcode or your Face ID, there are legitimate ways to unlock your iPhone. But that’s not within the scope of this article. Suffice it to know that doing such an unlock on your iPhone is very likely to throw up a bunch of red flags. Besides, there are so many scam sites that offer “powerful” software to unlock any passcode or biometric security protocol. It’s just not worth the trouble.

Why Unlock Your iPhone At All?

An iPhone unlock can be done for a variety of legitimate reasons, including overseas travel, coverage issues and so on.

International travelers are painfully aware that roaming charges can often be exorbitant. You’re gone for a couple of weeks and you come back to a bloated bill. Carriers have recognized this problem and have started offering attractive roaming packages for overseas travelers, but it’s often not as cheap as simply using a local SIM while you’re abroad. With a SIM lock, this is obviously not possible.

Another common reason for wanting to unlock your iPhone is network coverage. If you’ve moved to a different city, for example, you might find that your carrier’s coverage leaves a lot to be desired. If you live in an area with poor coverage or low data speeds, then it’s best to use a different carrier at that location. Unfortunately, that can’t be done while the phone is carrier-locked.

You might have your own legitimate reason for wanted to unlock your iPhone. The only thing you need to worry about is using the wrong methods. Hopefully, we’ve done a decent job of educating you on the right and wrong ways to do it. Our objective is to help you avoid a bunch of hassles down the road, and to encourage you to try as undeniably the best and quickest way to do an iPhone unlock.

What is an iCloud Activation Lock Removal? iCloud Unlock Demystified


On a related note, there’s also a type of iPhone unlocking that involves disassociating a device from the iCloud account of the previous owner. An iPhone can only be linked to one iCloud account, which means if the previous owner forgot to remove their account from the device, you won’t be able to use it.

In such cases, you can try our iCloud activation lock removal service. We’ll remove the association and give your iPhone a new lease on life, as it were. You can then associate your own iCloud account with the device and start using it normally.

Recently, there have been some reports that hackers use this method to process stolen devices for the purpose of reselling. You should know that these hackers use a variety of illegal methods to get this done. For example, a recent news report showed that some scammers were using readily-available “phishing kits” to get the original owner’s iCloud password. Others were trying to fool technicians at Apple stores and Genius Bars by producing fake purchase receipts and getting them to remove iCloud activation locks.

These reports have given a bad name to genuine vendors like us. We service the needs of iPhone owners who genuinely want an iCloud unlock because they can’t contact the previous owner to have them remove it. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the iCloud unlock request is above board, and that there is no inappropriate motive behind it.

We invite you carrier-unlock any iPhone model with us or do an iCloud unlock on your device, whatever your requirement might be. Our customer service team is waiting to help you with any questions you may have, so shoot us an email and we’ll take care of your query quickly and efficiently. thanks you for your business in advance.

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